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2016 Ohio Energy Legislative Agenda: An Election Year Primer

This blog post was co-authored by Lloyd Pierre-Louis The 131st Ohio General Assembly is just past the mid-way point of its two-year session, which means Governor John Kasich (R) has eleven months to reach agreement with Republican legislators on energy standards/mandates, among other issues – matters that are unrelated to his presidential ambitions. Current Political […]

Advances in Re-using and Recycling Industrial Waste

Recent rule changes and new technology are encouraging recycling and reuse of industrial waste. The Federal EPA’s recently published rule on the handling of coal combustion residuals (“CCRs”) encourages the “beneficial use” of coal ash such as reusing or recycling coal ash to ease use of virgin resources, to lower greenhouse gas emissions, to reduce […]

Coal, Natural Gas, Wind + Biomass: No shortage of Electric Generation or Related Resources in Ohio

At the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, utility rate applications to support coal-fired plants have spurred an examination of Ohio’s electric generation mix. FirstEnergy, which owns Toledo Edison, Cleveland Electric Illuminating and Ohio Edison, is currently seeking approval to collect subsidies for three coal plants and one nuclear plant (PUCO Case No. 14-1297-EL-SSO). According to […]

Are Low Oil Prices Threatening the Industry?

In a blog posting by on September 21, 2015, Wood Mackenzie, the energy research firm, estimated that at $50 oil, the $1.5 trillion oil industry could not make money. Further, while oil producers are aiming to reduce project costs by 20 to 30%, savings may only be in the range of 10 to 20%. The […]