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Ohio Legislature Considering Bill with Wide-Reaching Oil + Gas Lease Implications

On December 30, 2015, Senate Bill No. 257 was introduced before the Ohio General Assembly that would, if enacted, have a substantial effect on the determination of good title to interests in real property, including oil and gas interests. The bill, introduced by Senators Bill Seitz and Michael Skindell and co-sponsored by Senator John Eklund, would amend […]

Waterless Fracking: Is It Worth the Cost?

Hydraulic fracturing is a technique used to bring oil or gas to the surface after drilling a production well deep into the shale and other rock formations. Traditional fracking techniques include injecting a mixture of water and sand, commonly referred to as “brine,” at a high pressure into the earth to fracture the rock, which […]

Oil + Gas Law for Beginners: Understanding the Mineral vs. Royalty Distinction

Instruments that convey oil and gas interests can be difficult to interpret. Frequently, industry terms of art are used interchangeably, and the intent of the drafters is difficult to determine, particularly with very old instruments. One common source of confusion is the language used to convey or reserve mineral and royalty interests. A “mineral interest” […]

Unclaimed Funds: Don’t Keep Me in Suspense, I’m Begging You!

Whenever a party that is responsible for the disbursement of oil and gas production proceeds is unable to disburse such proceeds to the legal owner, the proceeds are typically “suspended” and placed in a “suspense account.” While this action (or inaction) may be taken by the operator, the responsibility for the disbursement of proceeds from […]

Part 2: What is this Thing Called Lease?

Part 2 of “What is this Thing Called Lease?” is the second installment of a series of articles that examines the essential nature of the oil and gas lease and the estate that it conveys. Having discussed in Part 1 whether oil and gas may be owned and transferred in situ, Part 2 of the series addresses a […]