Energy Legislation Pending Before the Ohio General Assembly

HB8 OIL-GAS LAW (HAGAN C) To revise provisions in the Oil and Gas Law governing unit operation, including requiring unit operation of land for which the Department of Transportation owns the mineral rights.
  Current Status:    4/14/2015 – Senate Energy and Natural Resources, (First Hearing)
  ORC Sections:    1509.28, 5713.051
  State Bill Page:
HB23 OIL-GAS LEASE INCOME (AMSTUTZ R) To use one-half of any income from oil and gas leases on state land to fund temporary income tax reductions, to modify the law governing the use of new Ohio use tax collections, and to require the Director of Budget and Management to recommend whether or not income tax rates should be permanently reduced.
  Current Status:    11/18/2015 – Senate Ways and Means, (First Hearing)
  ORC Sections:    131.44, 1509.73, 5741.01, 5741.03, 5741.032
  State Bill Page:
HB83 OIL-GAS ROYALTY STATEMENT (CERA J) To require the owner of an oil or gas well to provide a royalty statement to the holder of the royalty interest when the owner makes payment to the holder.
  Current Status:    3/10/2015 – House Energy and Natural Resources, (First Hearing)
  ORC Sections:    1509.30, 1509.99
  State Bill Page:
HB122 PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION MEMBERSHIP (LELAND D) To require that each major political party be represented on the Public Utilities Commission, to specify that not more than three commissioners may belong to or be affiliated with the same major political party, and to require that Public Utilities Commission Nominating Council lists of nominees include individuals who, if selected, ensure that each major political party is represented on the Commission.
  Current Status:    3/24/2015 – Referred to Committee House Government Accountability and Oversight
  ORC Sections:    4901.02, 4901.021
  State Bill Page:
HB162 SEVERANCE TAX RATES (CERA J) To change the basis, rates, and revenue distribution of the severance tax on oil and gas, to create a grant program to encourage compressed natural gas as a motor vehicle fuel, to authorize an income tax credit for landowners holding an oil or gas royalty interest, and to exclude some oil and gas sale receipts from the commercial activity tax base.
  Current Status:    5/12/2015 – House Ways and Means, (First Hearing)
  ORC Sections:    1509.02, 1509.071, 1509.075, 1509.11, 1509.34, 1509.50, 1513.08, 1513.182, 1514.11, 164.29, 190.01, 190.02, 190.03, 190.04, 190.05, 321.50, 321.51, 3737.15, 3745.50, 505.96, 5501.37, 5747.56, 5747.63, 5747.98, 5749.01, 5749.02, 5749.06, 5749.11, 5749.18, 5751.01
  State Bill Page:
HB176 GAS-FUEL CONVERSION PROGRAM (HALL D, O’BRIEN S) To create the Gaseous Fuel Vehicle Conversion Program, to allow a credit against the income or commercial activity tax for the purchase or conversion of an alternative fuel vehicle, to reduce the amount of sales tax due on the purchase or lease of a qualifying electric vehicle by up to $500, to apply the motor fuel tax to the distribution or sale of compressed natural gas, to authorize a temporary, partial motor fuel tax exemption for sales of compressed natural gas used as motor fuel, and to make an appropriation.
  Current Status:    11/18/2015 – REPORTED OUT, House Finance, (First Hearing)
  ORC Sections:    122.079, 5735.01, 5735.012, 5735.015, 5735.016, 5739.025, 5747.78, 5747.98, 5751.55, 5751.98
  State Bill Page:
HB186 PRODUCT LIABILITY-MOTOR FUEL (BURKLEY T) To create a qualified immunity for the dispensing of incompatible motor fuel, to limit the Product Liability Law with respect to motor fuel and motor fuel additives, and to prohibit an insurer from denying a claim on the basis that an underground storage tank is not compatible with a motor fuel if the State Fire Marshal has determined otherwise.
  Current Status:    2/3/2016 – House State Government, (Third Hearing)
  ORC Sections:    2305.52, 2307.75, 3737.88
  State Bill Page:
HB190 WIND FARM SETBACKS-COUNTY (BURKLEY T, BROWN T) To permit counties to adopt resolutions establishing an alternative setback for wind farms and to extend by five years the deadlines for obtaining the qualified energy project tax exemption.
  Current Status:    11/18/2015 – SUBSTITUTE BILL ACCEPTED, House Public Utilities, (Second Hearing)
  ORC Sections:    4906.21, 4906.211, 4906.212, 4906.213, 4906.214, 4906.215, 5727.75
  State Bill Page:
HB349 STATE EMISSIONS PLAN (SMITH R, GINTER T) To require the Environmental Protection Agency to submit a state plan governing carbon dioxide emissions to the General Assembly prior to submitting it to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and to declare an emergency.
  Current Status:    12/8/2015 – House Energy and Natural Resources, (Third Hearing)
  ORC Sections:    3704.10
  State Bill Page:
SB46 LAKE ERIE DRILLING BAN (SKINDELL M) To ban the taking or removal of oil or natural gas from and under the bed of Lake Erie.
  Current Status:    5/11/2016 – Senate Energy and Natural Resources, (First Hearing)
  ORC Sections:    1505.07
  State Bill Page:
SB47 DEEP WELL BRINE INJECTION PROHIBITION (SKINDELL M) To prohibit land application and deep well injection of brine, to prohibit the conversion of wells, and to eliminate the injection fee that is levied under the Oil and Gas Law.
  Current Status:    5/11/2016 – Senate Energy and Natural Resources, (First Hearing)
  ORC Sections:    1509.01, 1509.02, 1509.03, 1509.05, 1509.051, 1509.06, 1509.08, 1509.21, 1509.22, 1509.222, 1509.223, 1509.224, 1509.226, 1509.99
  State Bill Page:
SB114 MICROCYSTIN LEVELS-PUBLIC WATER (SKINDELL M) To establish requirements and procedures pertaining to levels of microcystin in public water systems.
  Current Status:    4/13/2016 – Senate Health and Human Services, (First Hearing)
  ORC Sections:    6109.25
  State Bill Page:
SB118 MUNICIPAL AUTHORITY-HOUSEHOLD SEWAGE TREATMENT (EKLUND J) To authorize a board of county commissioners or municipal legislative authority to elect to withdraw the county or municipal corporation from the application.
  Current Status:    4/12/2016 – Senate Energy and Natural Resources, (Second Hearing)
  ORC Sections:    3718.026
  State Bill Page:
SB120 OIL-GAS LAW REVISION (SCHIAVONI J) To revise enforcement of the Oil and Gas Law, including increasing criminal penalties and requiring revocation of permits for violations of that Law relating to improper disposal of brine.
  Current Status:    3/10/2015 – Referred to Committee Senate Energy and Natural Resources
  ORC Sections:    1509.051, 1509.33, 1509.99
  State Bill Page:
SB164 UTILITY SMART METER CONSENT (JORDAN K) To require electric distribution utilities to obtain a customer’s consent prior to installing a smart meter on the customer’s property
  Current Status:    5/27/2015 – Referred to Committee Senate Public Utilities
  ORC Sections:    4928.661
  State Bill Page:
SB166 HORIZONTAL WELL EMERGENCY PLAN (GENTILE L) To require the owner of a horizontal well to develop and implement an emergency response plan for the purpose of responding to emergencies.
  Current Status:    10/7/2015 – Senate Energy and Natural Resources, (First Hearing)
  ORC Sections:    1509.39, 1509.391
  State Bill Page:

Updated May 11, 2016