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Judge Says Couple has Standing to Challenge Seneca Lake Lease

A legal challenge to the lease allowing Antero Resources to use hydraulic fracturing, under and around, Seneca Lake in Guernsey and Noble counties will be allowed to move forward, according to a Columbus Dispatch article published April 10, 2014. The suit arises out of a $40.3 million lease between the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District and […]

I’m From the Government, And I’m Here to Help

“Why is this doofus trotting out that old canard?” I hear you asking. Well, suspend your skepticism, ye who seek information pertinent to oil and gas drilling in the state of Ohio. Your government will, in fact, help you, and you won’t even need to tear yourself away from your computer screen. The Ohio Department […]

Hydraulic Fracturing Operation on Hold Due to Earthquake Concerns

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has halted hydraulic fracturing operations at seven wells in Mahoning County due to suspicions they may have been responsible for minor earthquakes felt near the Pennsylvania/Ohio border, according to a Columbus Dispatch article. Two earthquakes were detected Monday, one a magnitude 3.0 and one a 2.6. No damage […]

State Preparing Ohioans for Industry Jobs

While approximately 30 percent of jobs created from oil and natural gas drilling in the Utica Shale zone are going to workers from other states, drilling is having a positive effect on the economy across eastern Ohio, according to a Columbus Dispatch editorial published on Tuesday, February 4. Currently, there aren’t enough Ohioans with the […]

$1.1 Billion Given to Gas Operations

In moving away from its historical focus on coal, Consol Energy, Inc. is planning to allocate $1.1 billion of its $1.5 billion in capital spending for 2014 to gas operations in the Marcellus and Utica Shale zones, according to a recent Intelligencer/Wheeling News Register article. The $1 billion in cash that will go towards that […]