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Guernsey and Harrison Counties Receive Joint Venture from Former Chesapeake Powerhouse

According to Timesreport.com, American Energy-Utica, an affiliate of the private company founded by former Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon, will partner with Ohio’s Red Hill Development of Dover on an exploration joint venture in the Utica shale. Exploration is expected to take place in Guernsey and Harrison Counties with a significant positive impact or the economy […]

Belmont County Landowner Claims Fraud in XTO Lease

One Belmont County landowner looks to be stuck with the terms of her $5/acre oil and gas lease with XTO Energy, Inc. (XTO) and Phillips Exploration, Inc. (Phillips), despite her claims of fraud (among other things) against the original lessor, Reserve Energy Exploration Company (Reserve). In a decidedly producer-friendly decision, Judge Linton D. Lewis Jr., […]