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Ohio Supreme Court Confirms that Development Satisfies Delay Rental Requirements

In a unanimous decision issued June 1, 2017, the Ohio Supreme Court affirmed the rights of lessees in Bohlen et al. v. Anadarko E&P Onshore, L.L.C.; Alliance Petroleum Corporation et al. The lease at issue in Bohlen included a one-year primary term with a $5,500 delay rental. Given the one-year primary term, the terms “bonus” […]

New Code Changes Process for Oil + Gas Lease

The new Ohio Revised Code section 5301.332 provides the process for forfeiture of an oil and gas lease. A lessor under an oil and gas lease, who has a right to pursue a forfeiture of that lease for expiration of the lease term, or, failure to abide by covenants in the lease, must serve notice […]